Wednesday, August 21, 2013

photo-worthy, vs. note-worthy.

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then this post is going to have the value of a couple hundred max, because I haven't taken photos in a while.  Which got me thinking, what do I deem in my life that is "photo-worthy?"  Time with friends, obvi (bonus points if they are from out of town).  Successful recipes and pretty craft projects.  Projects, overall.  Thought out outfits.  Mishaps.  But the day-to-day?  That's a bit tougher for me.  I deem most things more note-worthy than photo-worthy.  It's hardly photo-worthy that I organized the stew out of my office and finally got a grasp on my workload after a week of crazy-pace.  Or that I handled a major work project, complete with spreadsheets and tags?  Thrills my heart, but again, boring on film.  Getting a school group launched?  Exciting, but no real snapshots. Living alone and running a home for the first time solo--well, I may still blog about that (complete with PHOTOS of the new layout) but still, currently not a lot of picture fodder.

The noteworthy today and this week--

  • I'm about to have my first run in a week.  I got hit with a case of runners knee last week.  Not.  Cool.  Want to talk about an irritable Diana?  
  • Guests are in from Scotland!  (BTW, I need a plane ticket there.  Know of any tickets lying around on the ground I can pick up?  Or just the airfare?)
  • My work load will be reduced as of September 1.
  • I actually picked up the acne prescriptions from my over-zealous dermatologist and they're working! (Fancy that, trusting a man with a medical degree.  I kid.  He's great; let me know if you need a dermo in Athens.)  But the face cleaner is made with SULFER, which means that I smell like rotten eggs for a few minutes each morning and evening.
  • I made lentils this week.  I forgot how much I 1.) love making them and 2.) love eating them.
Did I really just end a post about lentils?  Oi.


  1. I haven't made lentils all summer. I don't think I get that much joy out of making them (just eating them), so that's why you should just make them for me!

  2. The good news about the sulfer cleaner is that sulfer is a great tick repellent. Not sure if thats a good enough benefit for the smell though.