Tuesday, February 28, 2012

woah weekend

Time is flying by. WAY to fast. This weekend? Was there one? (Yes, and it was good, but it seems so long ago).

Friday night I had some quality time with my roommate (British night!). We went to the Royal Peasant (the lamb stew was really good!) and rented a British movie. Conversation during day with roomie via text about getting a movie:
me, "You got us a movie?"
b.belle, "No not yet...I was thinking the series Downton Abbey...It's British. What ya think?"
me, "I was thinking something a lil lighter...with Hugh Grant or Harry Potter."
b.belle, "gah"
We settled on The Young Victoria. I'm pretty sure it was good...I made it for about 20 minutes of it before falling asleep (again, me falling asleep during a movie does not indicate it's bad. It's just what I do.)

Saturday...Had my favorite Saturday walk, and then went to volunteer at Bountiful Baskets (you're asked to volunteer every 6-8 weeks). Y'all. It. was. so. cold. I didn't think I was going to make it. I know I didn't defrost until that evening.

Speaking of that evening, I (re)learned how to use a SEWING machine! My friend Mary taught me all she knew (in addition to giving me her old machine and the tools to get going--thank you again, Mary!), and I got to sewin. Napkins, placemats...oh my. I can't wait!

Sunday was good and I had a meeting Monday night, so I am just now getting to dealing with my Bountiful Basket. And oh how bountiful....
There were some things that I shared pretty quickly (pears, kiwi, and celery). But still, sheesh! So much! Tonight I roasted broccoli from last week (bestbroccoli), made cauliflower poppers (umm...I ate the entire pan), and roasted the tomatoes to food process for tomato sauce for pasta/pizza. It wasn't until I was uploading this picture that I remembered that I had squash and corn too! If you follow me on pinterest there will probably be a barrage of squash recipes coming soon.

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