Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whine with my cooking.

So...that last post where I went on and on about how wonderful Bountiful Baskets was? How I based my entire meal plan on it? Well, guess who doesn't have one this week (or the week before because of a mishap)? Yep. Me. I feel SOOO lost without it. "But Diana, you didn't even know about it before this year!" I say to myself. I guess dependencies start fast with me.

That being said, cooking wasn't that fun last week. Or in my eyes successful. I made a train-wreck of an Indian dish (passable, but not what it was supposed to taste like...if a recipe calls for heavy cream, half-n-half is not an entirely successful flavor replacement. That fat is needed for a reason.). I did pasta primavera for group, which was a little lackluster (it tasted good [I think]; I'm just not a huge fan of pasta dishes). I made pumpkin-pecan cream cheese bread that I messed up the cream cheese layer on...the layer went mostly nonexistent. And the pumpkin-white bean chili had beans that were a little too tough. Whine, whine whine.

BUT, again, those things did taste good (again, I hope). I know how to better make the bread next time, and that dried white beans need 7 not 5 hours on low in my crockpot (live and learn). I did make a STELLAR kale and onion tart with some super good flour from Mary (which was also in the pumpkin bread. And in my greek yogurt pancakes this morning).
I have higher hopes for this week.

As whiny as the above just was, this week was good and Saturday was SO much fun--a women's day! We cooked (both pumpkin things from above were for it), we crafted, we knitted, we ate, we chatted.

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  1. I thought both of your dishes yesterday were delish! And that tart sounds pretty awesome, too. I am so impressed by your ambitious cooking! I feel like my cooking is always "whatever is fast"...oh well.