Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Morning Efficiency

I saw a friend for a few minutes this evening and she shared how she gets her next day set-up almost entirely the night before (breakfast measured, lunch packed, etc). This isn't a new concept, but definitely one that hasn't been on my radar for years. Our conversation obviously stuck with me (since I'm thinking about it a few hours later), and I'm now thinking on how I can stream-line my mornings. I have no problem getting up early (since I get up early every morning to exercise and straighten up my house), but I'm always pushing it getting to work because I get distracted by things like picking out an outfit, making lunch, doing a final check of purse, etc. This morning for example, I did a great job of making my lunch, which I left at home on the counter. Tuesday morning I forgot my phone.

I'm glad to be hopping in this boat. I am really efficient at planning events, meals, and my workday, but I'm lacking in extending that attention to detail to me in the everyday. But, here we go (that sounds like a resolution or something...)

New evening checklist:
-Have coffee ready to go
-Pack lunch
-Lay out gym clothes and work clothes
-Have day bag ready to go

Simple, but I think helpful! Now that it's in writing (sorta), I'll have to see how I do with it!

And here's my Bountiful Basket round-up for the week and how it's being used:
I'm not doing anything super creative with it this week, but I am soo enjoying all the goodness!
The romaine lettuce is super good with the Marti's at Midday style chicken salad I made for lunch this week. It's also going to go into a new salad inspired by a salad I had at Last Resort this week. It had field greens, fried capers, roasted red tomatoes (cooled), tuna, egg, green beans, red potatoes, and a couple other things. It was SOOO good. I can't wait to try my own version of that this weekend.

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