Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

For years I have wanted to have a Valentine's Day Party, and this year I finally hosted one! It was such a sweet evening with some very dear ladies!

The decor: PINK.
The butler and table were both wearing pink tablecloths. My pink depression glass was pulled out (my dishes are white so they'll "blend" with whatever I use--plaid at Christmas, spring greens, etc.). I framed a graphic I made for a work project and had a card I made at women's day out. There were patterned pink napkins. Sweet Brookie-Bell picked up some lillies for me for the table, and I found some cream taper candles. [Bonus buy...$4 for TWO (2!) candles at Target. Found 6 for $2.25 at Bed, Bath & Beyound. Woo-hoo!].

The menu: Dinner
I initially planned to make my spinach-broccoli lasagna. It's always a crowd favorite, and I consider it a "fancy" thing to make. The Sunday before the party while I was flipping through my recipe binder looking for the lasagna recipe I came acrosss a recipe I printed off months ago called "you won't be single for long vodka cream pasta." At first I rolled my eyes, then I paused. "You won't be single for long." Haha. And yes.
Served with it: oven roasted asparagus, green beans, a salad from Tiff, and bread from Kelli.

The menu: Dessert
I came across a recipe a while ago for whoopie pies--two cake like cookies with a cream filling...fancy oreos, if you will. But better, obvi. The labor intensity of them always put me off a little, so I wanted to make them for a really special event. A Valentine's Day party qualifies! And oh my. They. Were. SOOO. good. Good to the extent that I couldn't keep leftovers in the house.


Clearly, one dessert just wasn't enough and I also made a chocolate cream cheese strawberry pie. Let's just leave it at there were no leftovers.

Francie bought chocolate covered oreos!

Supporting Desserts:
Trader Joes chocolate truffles and gummy hearts!

The Guests:
Love them!


  1. FUN!!! The menu and decor look perfect! And you all look so pretty! What a fun V-day! :)