Saturday, February 18, 2012

Putting the POP! back into my life

The first time I had popcorn at my friend Susan's house she made it in this old-time stove-top popcorn popper. Hello, popcorn obsession. Since that day about 3 years ago I haven't bought a bag of microwave popcorn, instead waiting to go to her house (either as a guest or house-sitter). I tried making popcorn in my non-stick pan but I was scared that I'd damage it-that's what the internet said. I could have just bought my own popper, but I couldn't find one. Then, one night last week I was babysitting and out on the counter was a hot-air popcorn popper! Hurray! I had forgotten those existed!

Yesterday while waiting to get my Bountiful Basket I stopped by Bed, Bath & Beyond because I needed to replace a cereal bowl. They didn't have quite what I needed and as I was leaving it suddenly came back to mind-"hot air popcorn popper!" It probably helped that I was walking past the section of appliances. I started looking and looking, and couldn't find one (though I did help sell a lady a Kitchen Aid hand mixer...commission, BB&B?). Alas. A salesman came by and asked if I needed any help, and he led me to one! But it wasn't sleek. It was...cute. I looked at it and said, " you have anything sleeker looking?" Quizzical look, in response. Trying again, "this is cute-sy. I don't do cute-sy. Do you have one that is black or stainless steel?" Nope.

But my love of popcorn outweighed my disdain for cute-sy in the kitchen, so I came home with this guy!
And, out of the carnival themed box it's not that bad. Cute, yes. Cute-sy, not so much.

These are the kernels I buy from The Granary...
SO GOOD. The blue ones are fluffier and the red ones are crisper.

And here's my Bountiful Basket from yesterday! $16.50 for all that goodness!

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  1. HAHA, I can't believe the BBB guy didn't take you seriously on the non-cutesy! Tragic. But I agree-- it's not too cutesy out of the box. I'm totally intrigued by the blue and red popcorn-- show a pic of what it looks like when it's popped!