Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage find!

I am fairly sure I have mentioned that I LOVE working in downtown Athens. The perks are awesome. I'm within (easy) walking distance of a post office, my bank, Starbucks, lunch spots, the farmer's market on Tuesdsays...I could go on. Very close to work is a vintage clothing shop that has had 50% off signs on its windows for a few days. I kept thinking to myself that I should stop by, but never did. Then, one morning this week I commented on boss-ladies earrings who said they were from the vintage shop across the street and that her husband got them for 75% off. SEVENTY-FIVE % off. It took all of my will-power to not run from her office into the store. Instead, I said, "ooh! I want to go! Want to go at lunch with me?"

10 hours later (well, more like 2, but hey, I was excited) a few of us set off. I dove whole-heartedly into the dress rack (if you've met me you understand) and I emerged with a win. Vintage, early-early 80's. Navy blue with white bits. Fun neckline. High-waist. Drawbacks...100% polyester and shoulder pads. However, it was cute and about $4 so I was sold. I got home and washed it immediately so I could wear it to work Thursday (I was kind of hoping that at our senior's lunch I'd get a "I used to have that dress" from one of the older ladies). Did I mention it was polyester though? I put it on and immediately felt like I was suffocating. And was burning up. I liked it, but it won't be pulled out again till maybe November.

Here it is:
I came in wearing sling-back camel-colored heels with this, but they made it all of 10 minutes before I started running around. And this is Katherine! She and I were hired at almost the same time last year. She's awesome! In addition to our cute dresses, we're also modeling the office trend of wearing the same colors. It happens pretty frequently, and is usually a good laugh when we come in and see that it's happened. It's awkward though, when boss-man and I wear something similar (it happened once, and that was enough. Who knew green stripes were so common?).

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