Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forgot to post.

I started this a while back and never posted it. All of these stories are from last week (for date's sake):

Sometimes when I tell stories at work I wonder if they think I drink a lot (I definitely do not). What makes me say this comment? Well, because I share (true) stories like this..."this weekend I was house-sitting and when I tried to stand up while putting something away I slammed my head into a door-frame and now I have an egg on my head." I mean, honestly?! Even while I was doubled-over after the slamming incident I thought to myself, "how does this happen?!" (Editor's note...I still have a soft spot on my head)

Today at work we had an exceptionally monotonous work meeting. I was fighting with everything in me to stay awake. I went into the meeting feeling drained so I strategically sat myself where the facilitator wouldn't see me and my staying awake antics, but my colleague I sat next to definitely did, asking at one point "you tired?" (Editor's note...this happened again. Today. But this time we got to watch a movie on databases on a big screen. It's the first time I've been to a "movie" in 13 months. Moving on...)

I read a lot of Harry Potter over the 3-day weekend. That, coupled with my recent trip to Scotland was exponentially increased my use of U.K. English day-to-day. My favorite example from today was when I was typing to someone and almost used the word "mollify." (EN...I am still using U.K. spellings occasionally. And I love it. At church on Sunday we had Scottish visitors and when I asked one of the children if they liked rice krispies treats she said, "well I'm not particularly soaked on them." That phrase WILL be making it into day-to-day conversation.

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  1. You sound like such a fun person. I am sorry about the bump on your head : (. OUCH! Love your new words : ) Soaked. So cute.