Thursday, July 28, 2011


Oh hey! 3 posts in one hour. When you're on a stop eventually. This is my eventually for today.

On day three in Scotland we went to Loch Lomond (loch = lake) and climbed Ben Lomond (...a hill. I prefer to think of it is mini-mountain, but whatever). It. was. BEAUTIFUL. The fellowship, the scenery...oh gosh, it was lovely! It was so pleasant being with our friends and one another (good, good people.). I got some of my favorite people pics here, and they are on FB. Here are a few scenic ones...

This was part of the climb. TOMS are just not made for that sort of least mine were not. I fell once (not here, praise the Lord). Fortunately it was just in mud and my shoes and jeans took the brunt of it (instead of my camera or sweater).

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