Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer takes a hit.

I love summer. The sun, water, fresh fruits and veggies at reasonable prices, relaxed atmosphere, lightning's all good. It's summer! I love it!

But as I've been enjoying these first few days of Georgia-summer, I'm also getting over summer time woes. Yesterday when I went to the pool at 1:00 (yes I know the worst time, but I had lost time to make up for) I realized I was low on sunscreen and didn't bother to put any on my legs...let's just say running this morning with sunburned knees and feet is an experience I'm not aiming to replicate anytime soon. I grabbed more sunscreen before going out today, and then I was chased away by storm clouds in about 20 minutes. Anh.

And, I think I have swimmer's ear?!?! Maybe...? I'm currently deaf in my left ear and my throat feels odd. I don't know.

I'm not deterred from my affection for summer though, and I can't wait for some summer-time here:
Yay July! Happy Summer!

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