Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This weekend my church had an awesome fundraising BBQ on Saturday and then church on Sunday at the same beautiful location-Ms. Penny's. (P.S. Pics from the weekend are on my FB. They would be on the FB ALF page but it won't let me put them on their. Funny, FB...funny). We (church) also have a weekly prayer meeting at Ms. Penny's on Wednesday. I love taking photos out at the farm and today I had my camera with me and spied some dandelions.

I went to take some pics but I had a few challenges. One, I was not in shooting clothes--a white-eyelet trench and dress. Two, a friendly welcoming committee (aka the dogs). I got a few...

This was my first attempt.
It didn't work out so well (I think one hand was being used to move a dog over),
but I still really like the texture in this photo.

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