Thursday, April 21, 2011

cotton candy pink

On Wednesday night I realized that I had a four-day work week. Hip-hip-OH NO. It may be a 4-day work week, but I definitely still had a week full of 5 days worth of work to get to get done. This morning I got to work at 8:17 ready to tackle it all AND get health insurance...and at 12:56 when I was fried and decided to go to lunch, I realized I had crossed one, ONE, thing off of my to-do list (but I did have my application for health insurance in, score.). Rather than stress, I took myself to FarmCart (I forgot my lunch at home), and then wandered around in a few downtown stores (I love working DT). I came across a vintage dress in one store. Darling design. Lovely details. But the color...ugh. Pink. But not just pink. "Cotton candy" pink. It's on hold for me until tomorrow...
Oh! And when I got back to work almost EVERYTHING got done. Thanks, Lord.

I didn't share about my super weekend from last weekend. It wasn't entirely what I envisioned travel-wise, but it was still really-really good. Friday night my friend Kelli came over for dinner and a movie (and I lost my winning record of staying awake for a movie). Saturday I had had ideas of visiting friends in Kennesaw and visiting/running some errands with Nutan in Atlanta, but I got tripped up by my goal to squeeze as much as possible into every day. Two different city visits just were not in the works for me, so I ended up running to ATL, seeing Nutan, shopping, finishing some errands, and hurrying back to Athens. We did...well, I got some major deals. I don't know which one was my $80 Banana Republic skirt for around $9, or a $128 Anthropology sweater for $19. On Sunday I had a mostly low-key morning and spent the afternoon cooking for church with one of the coolest people I know. Happy times.
So I'm about to embark on a three day weekend. That phrase alone sets it up for success. And what makes it assuredly awesome is that it is Easter weekend.

Praise the Lamb.


  1. I LIKE the dress! Even with its cotton-candy pinkness! And don't worry-- it's nearly impossible for me to sleep during a movie... I stayed awake for the both of us. :)