Monday, April 11, 2011

super-weekend #1

I started this blog on Sunday night. And fell asleep while writing it. It's Thursday.
I'm glad for the automatic saves. Here we go...

Why that sort of title for the blog? Because I see a lot of awesome weekends in my future, and I'm calling them out for what they'll be--super.

P.S. Get ready. This post is picture heavy.

The weekend started early for me. I have been working a lot of overtime and I was given a day off. Friday started with gym time, quiet time, and then a zealous attack on my to-do list. For quite some time I've had a to-do list called "things I have to do that I don't want to do." It met its demise on Friday. I now have a new driver's license, car-tag, renters insurance, et cetera. I was eager to get out the door on Friday, so after I blow-dried my hair I didn't bother to straighten it, nor put on make-up. When the thought ran through my head of, "I may need a new picture on my drivers license" I thought no, surely not. I was wrong. New picture. It's bad. Real bad. I was going to take a picture of the crossed off list, but I'll just be satisfied with knowing its demolished. Friday finished with a great dinner with excellent company.

Oh. And then baking 107 cookies.
And then making Lorien's birthday present!
And making icing. (This picture will hopefully be framed in my kitchen. I love it.)
Saturday rolled around with a one-year old birthday party. I made the cookies for the party,
(fun!) and I was asked to take pictures during the party. LOVED IT. And the quality time with that sweet fam!
After the party I crafted with my friend Erika. She's awesome. And our paintings are awesome! Thanks, handy tutorial.

Sunday was Confirmation Sunday, (nearly) wrapping up a pretty sweet mentoring experience. I say nearly because we have a couple of meetings left to go.

And then post-Confirmation was one of my very favorite times of the week, church at Athens Link!
I also got some (a lot of) pics of my fave flowers on Sunday...
Looking forward to round two.

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