Monday, April 4, 2011

and we're back.

Throughout the week, when I'm not blogging, I'll have a moment of, "oh! I should blog about this, that's funny! Or thought-provoking! Or cool!" then I carry on with my day and forget anything I may have thought of earlier. Moving on...

I again, had some receptionist desk time at work and I again, went to check the news. I found another article that caught my eye and made me elicit a HAH! PROOF! right when I saw the subject line. Then I read it. Or most of it. But it also "justified" my eating habits. If you can't tell from my tone in the 'ole blog, I'm a big proponent of eating as naturally as possible (one of the reasons why I bake so much). I have had more than one experience at Trader Joes and Publix of the cashier saying "what a healthy cart," or some variation of that. However, as also evident on this blog I. love. sugar. A usual lunch or dinner is a vegetable salad with a cookie (my have to have carbs somewhere, and I choose to have mine topped with chocolate chips). The article talked about how those who eat sweets also tend to be active to "compensate" which is very true with me. But anyways. I was a fan of the article.

I'm brining chili to work on Thursday, and as I was gabbing on the phone at Publix today I completely forgot to pick up a package of chili seasoning. I ran back in to pick up the $1.25 package of seasoning and I glanced at the ingredients. And was disgusted. There were a lot of things I couldn't identify, and I don't play that way. So after reading the ingredients again and thinking a bit, I decided it was high-time I made my own chili seasoning blend. $11.34 later, and I'm on my way. As I told myself at the cash-wrap, "this will make far, far more than those packets and be far, far better." We'll see on Thursday. I'm also going to be making it in the crock-pot (which I don't do). We'll see. Oh boy...

Last night the weather looked like this for Georgia,
so I decided to not go out and do anything, and instead stay in and get things done (the homestead has been terribly ignored as of late). I was wrapping things up, and finishing up by deciding to wash the drip-pans (which were dusty. not drippy.) on the stove. I go to move the faucet head over and it fell off. And I had the water on full blast. Cue gushing water up the ceiling, me shrieking, turning off the water, etc. It wasn't as messy as it could have been, but sheesh.

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