Thursday, April 14, 2011

current love affair

I have a growing love affair.
I have lived in this sweet city for over six-years, and until this point, I never really went to the Botantical Gardens. I knew it was there, but I just never visited. How lost I was...

After being in the office for 8 hours, I think post-work outside time is of upmost importance. I've tried running trails at the Botans this week. Try is the word to highlight. The level of concentration that it takes to not, you know, DIE tripping over a root or something, is exhausting. My prayer life has gotten a boost during these times, as I'm frequently praying, "Lord, please don't let me break something." Seriously though, I'm loving it. It's quiet, still. I think (more than just not tripping over something treacherous). The Lord talks to me. It's good.

I'm really directionally challenged. On Tuesday, round one, I decided to try the white trail...a good three miles. I doubt I even did 1.5. Why? BECAUSE OF SIGNS LIKE THIS!
It was hopeless.
Today I went back and did the "Orange trail," and afterwards got some pics. Watch out walls, these may be coming your way! ( favorites are at the bottom of this post)

I love this perspective!
Sweet little flowers!

Favorite #1:
Favorite #2. I think this is basically a week, golden-something, but I LOVED it with the golden sunshine coming in behind it.

P.P.S. Today when I was walking to my car after taking pictures, a couple of girls asked me how the white trail went. Hah, hah, hah.

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  1. My roommate and I once got lost in the botan for 3 hrs because of signs like that! haha