Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday.

*Sorry for the excessive use of selfies this week.*

1.  This week I learned a new way to style my hair.

At 28 I finally learned how to curl the ends of my hair.  I'm thrilled.

2. Keep on runnin'
My mileage this week is around 20 miles, and will probably cap off around 24 after Saturday.  I'm running a 10K in less than 70 days.  Currently, my time to beat is 64:37 (this is the speed I ran a 10K on the treadmill this week).  I just had to read that twice.  I'm running a 10K.  Something I said I'd never do.  Haha.

3.  A boss lady at work showed me this this week,

and I laugh EVERY time I see it.  Sorry for the expletive use.

4.  No sugar,
is treating me really, really well.  I arbitrarily decided one afternoon a few weeks ago during lunch that I was done with sugar.  No final hurrah, no last treat, just done.  And it's going SO well.  Today there was one of my FAVORITE cakes in the breakroom and all I said was "swimsuit, swimsuit, swimsuit" and I successfully bailed.  For the record though, and this seems to surprise people, I am not considering alcohol to be a sweet.  Yes, I acknowledge I'd slim down faster with it, but I'll just take all the running and the no sugar to be my moves for now.  Maybe when that race is 20 days away I'll change my tune.

5.  Cold
I hate it.  Like, despise-with-every-beat-of-my-heart-hate it.  Today the skin on every finger on my right hand cracked open, so I went and found some plastic gloves from the kitchen to wear with lotion on underneath.
The pouty face because well, I'm wearing plastic gloves with hand cream on underneath.  I am expecting miracles by the time I peel off the gloves.
Desperate times, desperate measures friends.

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  1. You have hit a new high with the hair. It looks incredible!