Thursday, January 16, 2014

Resetting my cold meter

I hate the cold.  I'm normally ALWAYS cold.  One would assume that since I hate the cold SO much I would dress appropriately.  Not so much.  However, I've been corrected as of late and am doing better.
Previous thinking:  If the temperature is higher than 50, I don't need a jacket.
My reasoning:  100 is really hot, so half of that must be bearable.
Experience:  I'm cold without a jacket.
Still, my reasoning trumped my experience (...a lot of logic doesn't stick around with me) for the most part until I was explaining myself recently and was (gently) told, "No.  That is faulty.  A true 0 as far as temperature is 32, so therefore a better point between the two is 65ish."
And I've totally had my scale reset!  When I look at the weather if it is below 65, I grab a jacket.  If it is above, I do not.  THAT EASY.
I was really proud of this warm get-up:  coat, sweater, bottom layer, scarf, and gloves.  I don't do a hat because, well, have you seen that mop on top of head?  It's not easily contained.

Previous thinking:  I'm just running to the gym, I don't need pants/gloves/heavy coat for the drive over.My reasoning:  It's a 6 minute drive and my car will warm up.
Experience:  I'll make it.
BUT, as Erika pointed out, what if there is a car issue between the gym and home?  What if I need to run an errand?  What if there's an accident?  If any of that happened, I'd then be stuck in the cold in SPANDEX running shorts or capris.
And I've worn pants ever since.  And need to remember to put my car gloves (heavy fleece gloves only appropriate for snow) back in the car.


  1. Just goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!! ;) Here's to a warmer future!