Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best birthday ever.

I turned 25 this year (an age I've been looking forward to). This birthday was definitely my best birthday ever. The birthday weekend began with a super fun birthday dinner on Friday night at SpeakEasy with some sweet friends, including my friend Katie who drove up from Atlanta. My actual birthday was on Saturday, and on Saturday morning Katie and I went to the ladies breakfast my church has weekly at Momma's Boy (and to which my friend Daynes came to!) and we went for a long walk on campus (where I got the tree pictures posted below). After she left I had some home time, and then got ready for the super awesome dinner Mary organized for me. I felt SO loved and blessed at this dinner, and had such a fun time!
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Side-story...I babysit a lot, and when I was babysitting the week before my birthday I asked the little girl (who is 6) what I should do for my birthday. She responded with "I don't really know what you should do when you turn that old." Me, "well, what do you think you'd do?" Her, "Oh, I know! You could get a limo and then paint your nails and stuff." Me, "I really don't think I want to do that. What else could I do?" Her, "You could have a SLUMBER Party!" Me, "Um...I'll think about that. Let's go play outside."

I ended up having two overnight guests the weekend of my birthday, so I guess that happened!


  1. You should tell her that the slumber party idea was fantastic!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. You are an amazing friend, and I loved celebrating with you.

  2. So delighted that your birthday was so great!!
    Wish I could have been there!

  3. I'm so glad that you had an amazing birthday!! And that you were able to enjoy a birthday bracket (which will continue when I finally have a chance to mail your gift to you...)