Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nutan!

This is Nutan.
November 13 was her birthday!

Nutan and I have been friends for a long time...a REALLY long time.
How long?
Almost 13 years. THIRTEEN.
One takes a lot of pictures in 13 years...this is a smattering of some from high school...there are loads more.
I had no idea where to begin in even writing this post about Nutan. We have a lot of memories together. High school is its own store-house there, and...
we travel together,
We took our first "road-trip" as juniors in HS....we went to Callaway Gardens. Seriously. The above picture was our first trip to Charleston together.
The picture above was from our most recent trip to celebrate our 23 birthday.
Do fun things...
That's Nutan's attempt at "cooking" (she added food coloring, and did a great job.), photos, eating, etc.

Gosh, this is a REALLY hard post to write, I mean, where do I start? She is sophisticated, incredibly smart and driven, and has an incredibly caring heart. Let's just leave it at she's awesome and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend!

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