Monday, November 15, 2010


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Yogurt is one of my favorite foods. I am also incredibly yogurt picky. It's ridiculous. Store-brand or yoplait...noooo way. Greek is my absolute favorite. Or so I thought until I went on an Earth Fare yogurt run one day. You see, Earth Fare gives out these coupons once a week for an awesome free item. I went in one week and decided to get $5 in different yogurts...something I'd never do normally.

That Liberte stuff was incredible. Better than ice cream. As I was eating it I thought there had to be a catch. Yeah...check out that nutrition info. The Kangaroo-kind...great! My favorite is the Icelandic-kind, Siggis, but the picture is on my phone and not that great. I had also gotten a kind made with goats milk...

Moment of disgust.

Yes. Goats milk. My refrigerator broke one morning and destroyed all my dairy, and that had been the last one I was waiting to try. Maybe it was for the best...if it is as bad as I think it probably was, I may have never eaten yogurt again.

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