Monday, January 14, 2013

just because.

Today started innocently enough.  An out of town uncle came to town on his way to Florida and I had breakfast with him, and then I got to work on time.  I knew I'd have a full day, but I definitely wasn't anticipating it being as busy as it was.  I just know that I didn't start my daily to-do list until almost 3 p.m., and the get-accomplished stack never really went down.  I'm already in my pjs, and it's 8 p.m.  Success.

I think you either love it or hate it, but dear goodness I am in the LOVING this weather camp.  l.o.v.i.n.g.  I wore a skirt and sleeveless blouse today--without tights.  Without a cardigan.  It was awesome.  I haven't shivered in like 48 hours.  On Saturday I wore a pair or shorts that I got on sale to wear while in the Bahamas in November that I never actually wore while in the Bahamas.

The shorts got me thinking about the Bahamas, and I realized I never shared that many pictures on this forum.  It's not flashback day-anything...maybe flashback pretty?

This is where we stayed at.  One of those--maybe the blue on the edge?  It was great.  Because it wasn't  at the towers it was definitely a more relaxed pace.  Oh gosh.  I sound like I'm 27 going on 80.

Birthday dinner!  SO good.  

View from one of my favorite pools (that doesn't feel presumptuous to type at all...); in the water in front were sharks!  No swimming allowed.  There was this attraction you could do where you put on a metal suit and this head thing and walked with sharks.  Um...instead we

swam with dolphins!  This guy was a rescue from Louisiana.  Hurricane Katrina destroyed the marine park and a lot of dolphins got washed out to sea, and because they couldn't live on their own they were taken in by other marine life centers.  At least that's what they said.  It could have been a total lie said to engender sympathies.

The bridge my aunt and I ran over each morning.  So beautiful!


  1. WHY WAS WORK SO CRAZY??!??!! Um yeah. Sad day when I basically blow you off when you stop by my office because IT WAS SO OUT OF CONTROL!!! I promise not to blow you off today!! Also, loved your outfit yesterday. And love these pictures...what an amazing trip!!

  2. Yeah for reminiscing of vacations!