Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a wise tale

Preface:  If you're squeamish, don't read this one.

They're outta here!  Well, they've been outta here.  My wisdom teeth, that is.  I saw them too.  As I was coming out of my drug induced state the nurse asked me, "do you want to see them?" I think I mumbled something affirmative, and then I'm pretty sure I turned green.  Pretty sure, but not 100%, but we'll get to that.

Here's my timeline of events...

Had a good long run in the morning in preparation of not being able to for a week.  Worked, and had a minor freak out during the afternoon (hey there nerves!).  Had dinner with Kelli, wandered around Target for about an hour, went home, and used nervous energy to organize everything I could organize, label all of my medicines on top of the lids, re-read and note the post care instructions, sort out my room, switch purses, iron the tablecloth, and a couple other odds and ends.

Wake-up, shower, run a bit late and missed Cindy knocking on my door for a couple minutes because I'm blow drying my hair.  Get to the dentist office, get settled in.  I remember him starting the IV, and about 5 seconds later things go hazy.  The last thing I remember is the doctor saying he was going to cover my eyes with a towel and I asked why, and that was it.  I (think) I was out of it for the entire time, and only remember being really cold a couple of times.  Apparently when time to go I communicated to the doctor that I didn't want to go in a wheelchair (yikes).  

Get to Jane's, have to have my gauze switched out already because I'm still bleeding a lot.  Begin cycle of rouse because needing meds and needing to change my gauze, take meds, sleep, take more meds, new gauze, sleep.  I don't have many memories of Friday, but I know I sent a lot of text messages (some surprising coherent--punctuation and all), I was visited by sweet Z and Mary during the day, and my dentist called.  I know this was because of drugs influence, but I sent Nutan a couple pics of myself during this time.  I'd post them here, but you can see bloody gauze in my mouth (and my mouth was as closed as it was going to get).  Eww.  According to the post-care sheet I should have stopped bleeding around 1 or so, but that carried on strong until Saturday afternoon.

Wake up around 4 a.m. for around an hour, then Lortab myself back to sleep.  Wake up at 8, meds, gauze, read, sleep, gauze, read, and up at noon.  Decide it's time to get moving, and try to make the bed.  This went pretty well, except for the times I had to stop because the world was spinning.  And here's where things go sour.  I go to do to the rinses.  Bad.  News.  Maybe because I hadn't had anything than a glass of water or so, but I got the salt water rinse in my mouth and I go from a slightly tottering-dizzy lady to a shaking-on-the-floor-dry-heaving lady in a matter of moments.  I'm committed to finishing the rinses (stubborn!), and manage to rinse one more time before I toss in the towel (or actually just sit on the commode with my head between my knees praying the world will stop spinning and that I won't throw up).  Jane comes and rubs my back, prays for me, and gets me a nausea pill.  I stumble back to bed, cover my head with a pillow, and am out again till 3:30 p.m.

Work on getting up again and the world is fuzzy.  A sweet friend is over and had brought me homemade custard, and we talk for a bit.  I then realize I'm ferociously craving coffee, and because I can't have hot beverages I quickly make up an iced one.  After a while Jane goes to order dinner and I go with her (wanting to be awake for awhile!) and get mashed potatoes, which take about a half hour to finish.  I read some more, go through some hot/cold spells, watch Duck Dynasty with Jane, do the mouth washes with greater success, and go off to bed with a narcotic.

Around 5 on Saturday, while running errands with Jane.

Wake up from 2:45-3:30 a.m.ish (right when the pain killer wears off), and go back to bed till around 7:30.  Jane is at church so I read, have some iced coffee (I know my addictions), cuddle with Bella the dog, become more alert and decide it's a terrific time to go for a walk.  Wisdom intervened, and I called a friend to let them know how I was doing.  I was strongly discouraged against the walk (which was great since a dizzy spell came after just taking a shower),and I lie low till church, then head home.

Back at work!  I haven't been able to eat anything textured, so I've been going on yogurt, ice dream, mashed potatoes, and ice dream.  I don't know if it's because of that, or because I haven't been able to do my usual exercise routine-diet heavy in fruits & veggies, and/or I'm still healing up, but I've had no energy.  I've been wiped out most nights by 5:30.  Pain hasn't been a huge issue, just minor-to-major discomfort.  I started bruising yesterday, so I literally look a bit green in the face.  Post-op is tomorrow, and the stitches will be a comin' out!  And I can't wait to ask what I said.  Gulp.

This experience was nothing as bad as I imagined.  My mouth hurt so much before the surgery that I'm even more thankful to have them gone.  I have an excellent dentist, amazing community, and understanding workplace.  I'm blessed, and glad to have this done and done (well, almost).

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  1. Ahh that sounds so crazy!! And your picture is hilarious. You are a very ambitious post-surgical patient. I think I'm the exact opposite. :) I expect to be able to do nothing, therefore I attempt to do less than nothing. Ha. Not sure which is better!