Monday, December 3, 2012

some favorite etsy spots

There is not a single thing decorated in my house, other than a heap of presents!  I absolutely LOVE giving gifts, and I wanted to share some of my favorite sites of where I've gotten them at, particularly Etsy shops.  I know that I went through a lot of blogs looking for Etsy shops, and I wanted to highlight some of my favorites, in case you're still looking for gifts!

My NUMBER ONE favorite Etsy store is linenlaid&felt, run by one of my BFFs Katie.  I've bragged on her a ton, referred her like crazy, and always know it's a good decision to get a gift from her (and to receive a gift from her).  The work is excellent and the products beautiful, and Katie is amazing.  You should go buy from her now.

Another Etsy find is Kristin, who makes baby teething necklaces.  I ordered a necklace and it looks so good!  I hope my SIL isn't reading this, because that may be what Georgia santa is delivering this year...

To thank some dear ladies for doing different events I selected some necklaces from this seller.  Because the necklaces come from South Korea they take a while to arrive (2 weeks or so instead of one), but they are beautiful and worth the wait!  I was (am) so pleased with them.

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