Sunday, December 23, 2012

christmas home tour 2012

*This post was originally titled "christmas home tour 2013."  Dates foil me everywhere.

The decorating grinch in me is dying a slow death, and is almost dead!  This year I did more than the half-thought-out, poorly executed, lame showing for decorating I've done in the past and actually did something!    A foil in my decorating is that I thought that I actually had purchased some decorations last year in after Christmas sales, only to discover that I hadn't.  But, making the most with what I had...

the mantle
For my birthday I was given my first creche, which is from Germany and darling.  I love it.  On the stockings I hung a couple ornaments, including some book ornaments hand-made by Katie.  I am big on the idea of getting all-season items, so I picked up a couple of clear holders from the Dollar Tree, and filled them with red & gold ornaments.  On the staircase behind me I wrapped the banister with clear lights.  Yay, effort!

Also below is the slowly-diminishing pile of decorated presents.  On Black Friday I hang out with Mary W and we wrap our presents in brown paper and decorate them.  I really look forward to that fun time!

the butler/side-board/what-do-you-call-this?
I got a Christmas tree!  Well, sorta.  An allergy to real trees slowed me down in getting one, and for me I don't like fake ones, so rosemary it was!  It smelled delightful.  It would probably still be going strong if I'd actually remember to water it.  This piece of furniture is also where I post Christmas cards that come in.  I also have my cute little book tree that I learned to make from Erika.

the dining room
Or, as you can see, where all of the effort is concentrated in.  Ornaments on the hutch, festive napkins, etc.  I had a Christmas Party on Friday (pics to come), and it was so fun.


  1. it looks wonderful!! I love those little rosemary trees. So smart. You could totally keep that thing going and turn it into food. :) I must point out, though-- it is still 2012! So you should edit the name of this post. :)

  2. It looks beautiful! And I totally remember that painting!