Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hey, blog. It's been a while. Oops.

What's been going on...
-some design gigs for some friends and photo-shoots (some even paid!)
-planning & running a women's retreat (yeah!)
-traveling north because of a family member's death
-reconnecting with some family because of said incident above
-house sitting (wee!)
thanks Moores!
-Christmas crafting (see post below)
-indulging in my love of Pinterest, where amongst many jewels, I have found:

the recipe for my new Sunday morning staple, Greek Yogurt Pancakes
and inspiration on how to make a Halloween toilet monster for my roommate:
-Also, I recently discovered Jane Eyre. OMG. The newest version of the movie...OMG. This sparked me reading the book (late, I know), which is calling to me now.


  1. Cute picture of you and Julie. I was checking to see if the picture was taken in my yard. Not that I think you and Julie would have been up to something in my yard. I didn't mean that.

  2. In your yard? Did something happen? :)