Sunday, November 27, 2011

black friday wrapping party

I feel so accomplished when I do things on my Pinterest boards, don't you?  It's just so satisfying that the hour+ I spend searching results in something tangible.  My friend Mary took it a step further recently and organized a Christmas present wrapping party based on ideas that she had gleaned from Pinterest.  I know, I wish you had been there too because it was SO MUCH FUN.  :D

Enough of talking, more of the showing.  The basic ingredients in this craft party were brown postal paper to wrap the gifts in and then festive and fun paraphernalia (stamps, yarn, paint, candy canes) to decorate the gifts and handmade cards with.

I discovered a love of making pompoms.

Some of Mary's masterpieces:

Some of the favorites I made:

Collage of Mary's work:

Collage of mine:

AND there will be a round 2 soon!  Woo hoo!  This party went on as long as you had presents for, and I hadn't done my Etsy orders yet.  They are on the way though and I can't wait to make them pretty!  

Looking for some great handmade gifts?  You should check out my friend Katie's beautiful work here,   She makes books:  guest books, photo albums, journals...they're beautiful!  I have a custom photo album order in for a family member for Christmas and I can't wait for them to get it!

Looking for a skirt?  My friend Catherine makes them!  Here is her website.

There are not pictures of it (crafting is hard work!), but we also made handmade Christmas cards.  Again, it was such a fun day!

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