Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend of celebrating!

This was a weekend full of celebrating!

Celebration #1...VBS 2011 is done!
Celebration #2...Caren's going away party!
It ended up pouring rain but it cooled off a very warm evening!
Celebration #3...Sarah's scarf party!
Celebration #4...Brooke's belated birthday dinner celebration!
Menu: Homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes, green beans (I had just typed 'green means' and thought about keeping it), squash, a veggie bowl, and fruit parfaits for dessert. It was fun to finally celebrate her! Her birthday was the day that I left for Scotland, so I didn't get to participate in week-of festivities. I'm just glad I was able to celebrate with her in the same month. :)

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Celebration #5...Wedding shower!
Celebration #6...Baptisms at church!

So happy to have been able to celebrate so many fun and exciting things this weekend.

Here is a little gem of a conversation between the Brooke-let and I tonight...
Me, "I'm hungry."
Brooke, "Where do you want to go?"
Me, "Casa 456."
Brooke, "Where?"
Me, "Casa 456."
Brooke, "WherE?"
Me, "Casa 456. Say it out loud Brooke."
Brooke, "Casa. Home. 456."
Me, "Yes, do you get it?"
Brooke, "No...?"
Me, "Brooke, what's our address?"
Brooke, "425."
Me, "OMG. I give up."

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