Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had a series of a few really great weekends back in May. I'm thankful for any weekend and most all are good, but those were really great--people visiting, fun trips, etc. I believe that I was calling them "super-weekends!" and had full intentions of having them be their own posts. But then a couple things happened.

1. A wee trip to Scotland
2. V. B. S.

I coined a condition, I'm calling it 'VBS Brain'. Sounds like a real disease, no? Anyways, my "symptoms" of 'VBS Brain' include: excessive work pressure, little sleep, 10-12 hour days (14 in a row), extreme multi-tasking, exhaustion, forgetting anything past what was on my to-do list, neglecting all communication/house-care, thinking of nothing but 'what needstobedonerightnow and setupfortomorrow', and finally absence of normal routine. However, I'm healing of my condition and starting to get back to 'normal.' My house is clean, I have started looking through 500+ Scotland photos, and here I am blogging!

A quick recap (as I have photos) of those 'super-weekends...'
1. Katie (and Tony!) came to visit!
My friend Katie who is a book-maker came to town to show her wares at an Athens craft fair. You've probably heard me raving about her books and creativity. She's awesome! I loved hosting her and Tony and seeing them lots. On Saturday night after the craft-fair a few friends came over to see more of them and it was a great time of seeing everyone. Katie and Tony are moving to Nashville soon, which makes me super excited.
You can check out Katie's blog here and her etsy shop here.
2. Nutan came to town!
Basically the same thing happens whenever Nutan comes to town. We shop a bit, we eat a lot, repeat as necessary. We went strawberry picking (varying this trip up a bit); something we had done before with a lot of fondness. The novelty wore off though. We were offered a pre-picked bucket...with a bit of hesitancy we declined and set-off with our buckets. After we got started (like, 90 seconds after we started making our way down the row after I struggled with directions) we questioned calling it a day and going to get the pre-picked bucket but we endured. And then we ate at Last Resort and Cali-n-Titos (not back-to-back but in a span of a few hours).

The arms were there for support to not tip over onto the row of berries. Success.

3. Celebrating Grace's graduation! And a photo shoot!

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