Thursday, February 24, 2011

Through the saran-wrap.

I don't like saran-warp. I usually throw away more than I use on a roll because it gets stuck together, I get frustrated, and I pitch it. What sparked a blog post with this discussion? That's what all of my foodie pictures are taken through tonight (or a glass cookie jar). I got home from work (a ten-hour day) and some gym time and knew I needed to stay off the computer a while longer so I cleaned. I had to upload some photos anyway so I decided to snap a few for the ole blog but decided I didn't want to do the effort of putting them on a plate or anything. So that's how they currently look. I did play on the title of this post from "through the looking-glass" but this post has absolutely nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland. Well...all of these foods are tea-party worthy. But that's stretching it. And I had to look up to be sure what "through the looking glass" was about. It's been a day...I had to use my hands to make sure I was telling people correct rights and lefts today when giving directions.
The missing ingredient in my banana bread was oil. The fat in it is from the chocolate chips. It's pretty chewy, but that hasn't slowed me down.
I knew waking up this morning, that based on the day before, that work was going to be hectic. As I was getting ready for work and was praying about the day I believe I heard, "grace and mercy cover today." And they did. After getting to work I remembered what I heard as I was gulping down some coffee, and knew I wanted to be drinking more deeply of grace and of mercy than of the caffeine I was inhaling. So I made myself a little reminder.
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