Monday, February 21, 2011


Fun testimony...I needed a crock-pot. The Lord gave me one! Here's the story as I emailed it out to a few people...
Last week at church I volunteered myself to make chili for Bigger Vision and I realized I didn't have a crock-pot to keep the chili I wanted to make warm. So I thought, "well, I need to check out the budget and get one."

Then Saturday rolled around and I got a Bed Bath and Beyond giftcard as a gift for a retreat I organized and I thought, great! I can go get the crock-pot! But I felt like I shouldn't get it with that. I waited and on Monday I was talking to someone at work about getting it that afternoon and she said, "ask newly-weds for their extras!" and I thought "whatever. I'm not doing that." I later mentioned this story to the newlywed in the next office over and she says, "oh, do you want our extra crock-pot? It's still in the box."

I now own, for free, a nicer crock-pot than I would have picked out for myself.
I was super-excited about it, and used it twice within the first 24 hours of having it (which tends to be my course of action with each new appliance I receive...within 2 days with the Kitchenaid I had baked 100+ cinnamon rolls, bread, and cookies. And maybe something else).
As I was unpacking it I noticed that it blended in perfectly with my favorite appliance (Kitchenaid!) and my most used appliance (coffee-pot). Ahh...coordinating.
Oh, and another new thing?
A new JOB. Did I mention that yet? Because I'm now FULL-TIME at AFUMC! That is another Lord provision story.
Thanks, Lord.

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