Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday musings

Dearest pedestrian by Bath and Body Works,
I'm more than happy to stop for you. You have the right of way, and I'm always glad to acquiesce that to you. However, I do appreciate a warning that you're going to come out into the road. Especially when it's dark. And you're coming from behind a large SUV. And you're wearing black.
I can't see you. I don't have a "spidey-sense" that let's me know you're about to dart across the road. And then stop in the middle of said road when I hit my brakes, turn around (while still in the middle of the road), and double-check to make sure your car's locked. I wasn't anywhere close to hitting you (I don't speed in parking lots. That's just stupid behavior to do that.) I am sorry for the "WTH" look I gave you. But seriously...stop and look!

I was looking at a clothing boutique facebook page this evening while waiting for some friends to arrive to go to a concert. I was clicking through a few of the boutique's photos, and I saw a shirt that was described as:
"Wear it to the gym or on a date night!"
I haven't been on a date but I'm pretty sure, no, 100% sure, I would NOT wear anything I wear to the gym on a date. I feel embarrased when I wear my gym clothes to Yoforia when I go for post-running fro'-yo'.
Seriously. That is horrible advertising. But maybe I'm missing the clientale they're advertising to. But seriously? Gym or a date? Those just seem mutually exclusive to my fashion sense.


  1. That is an interesting concept. Gym or date. But I must wholeheartedly disagree about the being embarrassed in public in gym clothes. The sad truth is, during the summer, my gym clothes are some of my favorite clothes. For some reason I feel like running shorts are way cuter on me than regular shorts. Also I feel like I'm athletic and sporty just for WEARING the gym clothes, even if I haven't done any actual exercise. So I wear workout clothes a lot more than I actually work out. Strange but true.

  2. I should have gym clothes = old, often too-big ribbed tank-tops (that usually have a bleach stain on them) with gym shorts or those running leggings. And when I go anywhere post work-out I'm usually accompanied by a super-red face and sweat drenched shirt.

    Gap does have a line of athletic wear that is styled to be cute, but I just can't bring myself to exercise in a one-shouldered top with draping, that if it wasn't made of work-out material would be "date-night" (I guess) appropriate.

    And I agree. Gym shorts are often cuter than regular shorts. :)