Sunday, December 29, 2013

Better late than never: Christmas Home Tour

Yesterday I put away all of the Christmas decorations and realized I never posted a "home tour."  Though, let's be honest, I haven't done a lot of posting recently.  Oops.  Carrying on!

The tree, "Harold."
Here's the tree, whom was named "Harold."  Harold (Hark!) is a two-foot or so rosemary tree who smelled delightful and didn't give me an allergic reaction.  He's wearing an LED battery powered strand of Martha Stewart Lights, and (count them) 2 ornaments--one I made a few years ago and a sugarplum fairy from childhood.  I LOVE rosemary trees--they smell amazing, don't cause me to get sick, and are incredibly easy to take care of.  And, post Christmas he has a future in some savory dishes.  Win and win.

My favorite--the "hearth"

My favorite part!  I loved the red and white lights in the mantle, and the red and gold theme.  #usingwhatIhad  While I put away everything already, the lights are staying in the fireplace, because well, they're happy.
 Sweet detail--I'm blessed to have received some really cool gifts from German Christmas markets from internationally traveling friends, and I love pulling out these unique items each year.

Christmas Card Station
 All Christmas cards got placed on the hutch.

Dining Room
 Featuring cute candles and my book tree I made.
 More red!

Not pictured:
Haha, it was as I was writing this post I realized what I forgot to take pictures of, which is unfortunate!  
  • The open window that frames the kitchen (so I can look out from the sink into the dining room) was lined with lighted greenery garland and two striped stocking at the corners.
  • The entertainment shelves were appropriately made festive with knicks and knacks (bowl of ornaments, ornaments on frames, etc.)
  • The staircase had lighted garland running up the banister
I'm not in the market for too many more Christmas decorations.  I would like to acquire a nativity scene (though I'm planning to just request and fund one from one of my friends who travel internationally, or go the willow tree route), and I want to find something for the mantle, but that about rounds it out.  I have more windows to put lights around but meh, if it happens great if not, oh well!

Today I am looking forward to completing a massive Goodwill trip, and getting home 100% back to put together.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year friends!

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  1. I saw a pretty mantel decoration that came from Paint With Class where your candles came from. Its painted the same color as candles and it is a very thin bread bowl like for french bread and they had put some beautiful colors ornaments in it. If that sounds like something you would like, I'll run up there and get it for you.