Thursday, May 17, 2012

on the hunt

I LOVE finding a bargain (but then again, who doesn't?).  When I purchase something on a super deal, I usually can't help myself but say it's price when I'm sharing about it.  "Oh hey Diana, I like your skirt."  Me, "thanks, I got it for $11, and it was originally $120!"  I've tried to keep it in, but it's just not as satisfying.  Like hunters, you know?  They don't shoot a buck and then not tell people about it (and possibly hang it on the wall, depending on where they're from).

Here's a sampling of bargains I've found:

The blue dress, that I paid .47 cents for, is one of the best ever (right up there with a Banana Republic white eyelet trench coat that I paid around $11 for that was originally $148).  The elephant dress was originally $137, but I found it for around 6.  Ahh, satisfaction.  :)

That being said, I've been asked by a few to share my bargain hunting tips.

  • Obvi, hit up the sales wall.  It's almost always in the back of the store.  I never even look at the stuff in the front (unless it's on sale and I have an extra coupon or gift card in hand).
  • Go the sales wall when it has a sign over or near it that says "take an additional 40% lowest ticketed price."  That's how I got the $100+ trench coat above for $15, and how I get all my BR skirts for less than $15.
  • It's warm out right now.  When I'm going to stores now I'm keeping an eye out for wool skirts, sweaters--heavy items.  They're going to be really cheap (I got a $110 J.Crew wool skirt for $8 in May last year).  When it's 30 degrees in November, I'll be looking for summer dresses and blouses.  Stores want to get these items off of the racks, and prices are slashed accordingly.  These items tend to be marked with something like "final sale" which means you have to like it, because the store isn't takin' it back.  I also avoid getting "trendy" items and instead go for items I know I'll be able to work into my wardrobe when the season changes.  A bonus of this behavior is that when winter (or summer) rolls around, you have all these fun things you couldn't wear at first.
  • Go when you have time.  It takes a few minutes to thumb through racks (and most of my really good deals have been on items that there was only one left of).
  • Be patient.  I know each time I go to the BR sales wall I'm not going to leave with something amazing.
  • Consignment stores and yard sales are also good to look at!
That's all I have to share about that!  Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Jeeeallllous!!!! Those dresses are fab!! I am super impressed!