Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how far can a can go?

I have a stash of Trader Joes coffee cans.  I always hold onto them because it just seems practical to, I like the label, and I keep thinking to myself, "surely I can do a a project with these."  But, I don't know what sort of project I'd do.  They don't really fit with any home style I'm a fan of for myself (southern and/or nautical).  Since most of them have been sitting idle for over a year, they'll probably end up donated to the VBS cause and the top of the refrigerator will be freed up once again (though a few may get held onto for organizational purposes).

At work though, coffee cans have had a good life.  At Christmas time I printed the Christmas Story onto 11 x 17 paper, cut a few inches off the top, and wrapped it around the coffee can.  I hand-glittered stars, put them on dowels, and put them in the can for some vertical element.

A few weeks ago we had a spring luncheon/training and out came the cans again!  This time I made flowers, put them on wooden skewers (a much better height and no cutting involved), wrapped green pipe cleaners around them, and voila!

 (This voila! would be a lot more effective if I could get this photo to rotate.)

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