Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon Wedding Photography

A few months ago one of my dear friends asked me if I'd be willing to photograph her friends "casual Wednesday afternoon wedding." I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought about it, talked it over, and said "yes." I reviewed camera tips, looked at poses, ordered a new camera with what I was paid for this assignment (+selling my old one), and read articles.
Then it hit me the week before. "What in the h#*& was I thinking!?!?!?!" "Is it too late to back out?" "Can I return this camera?" "What...why...ohgosh...Ican'tbreathe."

Hey, anxiety. How you doin'?
I pushed through. I cast all my anxieties on the Lord (you know, because He said so). I took a (lot of) deep breath(s). Planned my photographer outfit (I'm nothing if not consistent--control to a T all that I can). Met the morning of with a near and dear and pounded out some miles (some people said to not run, but since running is my best stress and tension reliever, you can bet I hit the pavement hard. I intend to run on my own wedding day for the same reason--gotta chill myself out). Hop into the shower and BAM. It happens. My first migraine in MONTHS.

I go to work a half day and it's bad. By noon I'm on Advil #10 and not feeling any different. I drive to Jit Joes to get my normal headache buster drink (coffee frosty joe with add shots of expresso--the combination of sugar and caffiene usually does the trick) with black spots popping up in alternating eyes. I'm to nauseous to drink the headache buster. I pull up to the wedding...AND IT'S GONE. Totally.  I hop out of the car with my game face on, and then proceed to end up doing the bride's hair (seriously). I shoot the wedding. Get hit hard by the Holy Spirit at how beautiful this wedding was. Have fun. Take (what I hope) are really beautiful pictures. Get back to my car and BAM. Headache is back just as how it was before. But I did it! And as of right now I have no intentions of EVER doing that again. OMG, the stress.

Fortunately, the dear couple LOVED the shots. And in hindsight (3 months out)...I had a lot of fun.

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