Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hi friends!
It's been busy around these parts since my last blog. Since blogging last I've met and married the love of my life and best friend!
I'm smitten.
Marriage also brought with it a move to new city and a job transition! And since everything else was changing, I've also moved blogs!

Diana to a T

I hope you'll come visit me!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon Wedding Photography

A few months ago one of my dear friends asked me if I'd be willing to photograph her friends "casual Wednesday afternoon wedding." I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought about it, talked it over, and said "yes." I reviewed camera tips, looked at poses, ordered a new camera with what I was paid for this assignment (+selling my old one), and read articles.
Then it hit me the week before. "What in the h#*& was I thinking!?!?!?!" "Is it too late to back out?" "Can I return this camera?" "What...why...ohgosh...Ican'tbreathe."

Hey, anxiety. How you doin'?
I pushed through. I cast all my anxieties on the Lord (you know, because He said so). I took a (lot of) deep breath(s). Planned my photographer outfit (I'm nothing if not consistent--control to a T all that I can). Met the morning of with a near and dear and pounded out some miles (some people said to not run, but since running is my best stress and tension reliever, you can bet I hit the pavement hard. I intend to run on my own wedding day for the same reason--gotta chill myself out). Hop into the shower and BAM. It happens. My first migraine in MONTHS.

I go to work a half day and it's bad. By noon I'm on Advil #10 and not feeling any different. I drive to Jit Joes to get my normal headache buster drink (coffee frosty joe with add shots of expresso--the combination of sugar and caffiene usually does the trick) with black spots popping up in alternating eyes. I'm to nauseous to drink the headache buster. I pull up to the wedding...AND IT'S GONE. Totally.  I hop out of the car with my game face on, and then proceed to end up doing the bride's hair (seriously). I shoot the wedding. Get hit hard by the Holy Spirit at how beautiful this wedding was. Have fun. Take (what I hope) are really beautiful pictures. Get back to my car and BAM. Headache is back just as how it was before. But I did it! And as of right now I have no intentions of EVER doing that again. OMG, the stress.

Fortunately, the dear couple LOVED the shots. And in hindsight (3 months out)...I had a lot of fun.

Friday, September 26, 2014

That time I modeled.

A couple months ago an event at work needed models and I enthusiastically said, “yes!” It would come to mind every now and then, but not to much of a biggie.

Then the week came. A few days beforehand I went to Talbots and was told what to wear. Now, I did have some input—like strongly vetoing a red patterned shirt (double negative—color AND a pattern that wasn’t stripes or dots) but still, I left in chocolate brown and leopard—two things I PROMISE are not in my closet (but to Talbot’s credit looked decent on).
This is what I styled. It was shot down.
Then the day came. I straightened my hair. I changed into my outfit. Then I remembered…I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME.

My outfit the day I tried it on. I think I need those cords in another color in my life.
Luckily, and the Lord ALWAYS takes care of me, there were two of us walking out together (the only pair during the show). We walked out and I immediately felt myself flush. BIGTIME. And then my hands started shaking. And then I tried to do my walk. Oh gosh. You know it was winsome when afterwards people said “aww, Diana, you were so cute!” and “you turned so red!”

But there it was. My debut in front of the camera. But it is safe to say that I will not be quitting my day job, and I’ll happily be staying behind the scenes.

Monday, September 22, 2014

No black heels, but lots of tractor wheels.

This post title is in reference to one of the many books I read this summer.

When one of your closest friends asks you, “do you want to go to a tractor show with me?” the only appropriate answer is “yes.”

So K and I hopped in the car and made the trek to…somewhere past the airport (remember, directionally challenged) to an annual tractor show that is near and dear to her heart and boy it was fun. I had such a great time hanging out with and her family.

I don’t know whether to feel concerned or happy that I did not feel out of place in the slightest. Maybe it was because I grew up in Paulding County. Maybe it was because I have family in Indiana, which is pretty country. Regardless, nothing made me go “woah” in the “woah, is that real life?” Instead I went “woah, that’s a big wheel” and “woah, that’s a cute child” and “woah, that’s a mean looking bunny.”

We sampled appropriate festival food—like ice cream that was churned by some sort of tractor contraption.

I took lots of pictures, which is always a win.

And then afterwards we went and watched the game in my most favorite way ever—pre-recorded so we could fast forward past media time-outs and commercials. That, combined with great people, a comfy couch, and water, beer, and pizza at hand—is quite possibly the most perfect way for Diana to enjoy a game.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

No cable, no internet, no radio, no problem.

For most of the summer I did not have working internet at homet.  Also at home I've never had cable.  I don't have a radio, so I don't have anyway of having access to the outside world, with the exception of my phone (which if I didn't have that, I acknowledge I would have a problem, but that is neither here nor there). I also had a lot of open time this summer.

In May I learned that you can access your library account online and reserve books, and then they'll pull them off the shelf for you, email you when they are on said shelf (approximately), and all you have to do is go in, get the book, and carry on.

Commence operation READALLTHEBOOKS.

Fellow bloggers, a big THANK YOU to posting a list of books you've read and your thoughts on them!  Fellow instagrammers, thank you for posting what you're reading!  Pinners, I adore your pin boards of books.  My MO is I read/look at what you've posted, open up my Pine's account, and "hold away!"  Occasionally I do get a little out of control, and in that case I pin your selections to my pin book board, for me to read later.

This summer I read:
  • This is Where I Leave You, Jonathan Trooper
  • The Rosie Project, Graeeme Simsion
  • Tractor Wheels and High Heels, Ree Drummond
  • His Needs, Her Needs
  • The Perfume Collector
  • The House Girl
  • The Program
  • The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kid
  • Bossy Pants, Tina Fey
  • Colors of Africa, Jim Kilgo
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • Upstairs at the White House | My Life with the First Ladies, J.B. West
  • The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty
  • Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan
  • Kabul Beauty School, Deborah Rodrigues
  • Bridge to Haven, Francie Rivers
  • Where’d You go, Bernadette, Maria Simple
  • The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt
  • The Engagements, J. Courtney Sullivan
  • Daring Greatly
  • Call the Midwife, Jennifer Worth
  • Three Wishes, Liane Moriarty
  • The Storied Life of A.J. Firky, Gabrielle Zevin

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

that time a frog attacked me.

I hate frogs. There is just no other way around it. I hate them. "But they're so cute!" I often hear. No. Put in "slimy" or "icky" or just "www" in place of cute, and then you're speaking my language. In my former life when I worked as a camp counselor, summer after summer I would often have to wade into a mud pit upto my knees FULL of tadpoles and frogs. One would assume that I'd have some lingering mental fortitude from that experience, but nope. I don't. When in Rome (or when at camp) I could (sorta) handle it, but a few years out I loose my freaking mind when they are too close for comfort.

One morning (while house sitting) I wake up in a fantastic mood.  I mean, I normally bound up with a lot of energy and joy, but I was in a Snow White-sing to the birds-cuddle the dog-skip down the stairs sort of mood. I even thought to myself, wow, those endorphins must be on high today or something. I take care of everything, note the clock, and see I'm even leaving the house a little before 6 for my run--I'll easily be able to knock out my 6 miles before 7:30 a.m.! I sing good-bye to the dog, set the alarm, step outside, shut the door, and then IT HAPPENS.


Little cold feets were ON MY FOREHEAD AND EYELID. The jerk then fell onto my chest (thank you God that I was wearing a sports bra and form fitting tank. If the little demon had fallen down my shirt I'd be dead). Commence a 6:00 a.m. loose my freaking mind session like I haven't experienced in years (since that one time a couple beetles got stuck in my hair).  I was HOARSE from the screams I let out (and glad I was in the country, less the ACPD were called). I flipped out. I screamed some more. I shuddered. I flipped. I DIDN'T cuss (I was pretty impressed with that later on). I get to my car.  I flip out some more. I'm shaking. I notice it's 6:03 a.m. and who can I call at 6:03 a.m. to talk about this, who'll still be my friend after I wake them up at 6:03 a.m. to scream? So I email my friend Kelli. Shudder just a bit more. Then go run.

My new morning routine at this abode--hide behind the door and let the dog out. Scoot over to let her back on. Peer through the windows/cracks to check for frogs.  Poke my head out, glance. Set the alarm. Fling myself out the door and backup to check under the roof before becoming stationary long enough to lock the door, before sprinting to my car.

Ugh.  Frogs, friends. NO.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A weekend High

Lots of my friends always talk about “going to Highlands” and this weekend I finally experienced Highlands myself!

I took Friday off of work to do some other work (haha). I ran some miles (in our 100% humidity, sheesh) then worked on some projects before rendezvousing with my friend A. We gathered up the essentials (birthday cake, wine, and dinner fixins) and got on the road. I always thought it was a super long trek to Highlands (it IS in North Carolina) but it only took two hours. That is still messing with my head, but then again I’m SUPER directionally challenged.
Cecelia's Cakes always need to be buckled in.
 Once arriving at the (awesome) house we unpacked and got organized (A and I often laugh at how similar we are—if something really blesses me I know it really blesses her, if something is ticking me off I can bet she’s annoyed too, same ways of giving and receiving…it’s uncanny) and started dinner. Of the group that came up we took dinner on Friday and some other girls took care of Saturday, and A and I covered breakfast. A made some GREAT biscuits, and I contributed eggs (I can do some mean scrambled eggs…seriously. I won’t order them in restaurants because I know mine are better.), turkey bacon, and a green salad. Once everyone arrived we feasted and played Apples to Apples.

The next morning the early birds (that’d be A and I) got up and made coffee and set out breakfast. Once we all got going we went for a stroll, then headed into town to get lunch and check out the city. Hangry got the better of most of us and we inhaled a decent lunch (with a horrible server), before heading back to watch the game and read. Hiking was off the table because of DOWNPOURS so it was nice time inside before having some tasty fish tacos.

On Sunday we woke up, packed up, then hurried home (again, RAIN) to work on our to-do lists and get ready for the week. I maintain that I’m a beach lover, but this sweet little retreat just north of home was just that—sweet! I am definitely hoping to get back to enjoy some hiking.