Thursday, March 21, 2013

WWIW | march 20

pleated poppy

Like most, I was expecting the first day of spring to feel like spring.  And like most, I've been sorely disappointed.  However, still finding the silver lining, I'm wearing all my "winter" items and still sifting out the items that are in my closet that need to be sent out.


Skirt & Tights | J.Crew * Boots | Clarks * Scarf | Italy * Sweater | Gap

This outfit prompted me to text my (far trendier) aunt when I got home.  The boots I'm wearing I bought while with her (she got the same pair), and she got me the scarf from Italy.

(too baggy) Sweater | Gap * Skirt | Gap (Can you tell where I worked for a couple seasons?) * Boots | Can't remember

Another day of my favorite color combination--black & gray.  Confession-I did not wear these boots for long.  They were exchanged for gray Toms quickly after taking these photos (thanks for all the pics, Erika!).  Second confession-this sweater stretched way out.  I looked in the mirror at one point during the day and momentarily FREAKED out thinking I had stretched out.  This sweater is now in the exit-the-premises pile in my house.

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  1. Cute outfit. Could be even cuter with a bright scarf!