Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIWW | March 6

pleated poppy

This week has had it's really great ups and a couple lows, but it's going right along.  I'm torn between a "thank GOD it is Wednesday" and "oh crap, it's Wednesday!"  But since it is Wednesday, it's time for my favorite link up.

When I wasn't wondering if I looked Amish (it was the collar), I was pretty pleased with this outfit.  I was wearing one of my favorite combinations--black & brown (neutrals for the win), there were multiple textures, and everything was playing together nicely.
Skirt | Banana Republic on super sale * Vest & Blouse | Gap (old) * Necklace | Loft

Haha!  There is going to be a noticeable Tuesday picture missing because it was unfortunate.  My dress was cute, but everything about the outfit (notably my face and unwashed hair) needed some T.L.C.  On Tuesday morning I decided that it was critically important to scrub my shower, and my homemade cleaner went EVERYWHERE (including in my hair).  I thought my hair looked clean enough, but when I was blow drying it to smooth it out I kept finding baking soda, but since I was running late I couldn't wash it again...tmi?

 In an effort to not be grumpy at the cold, I'm focusing on the positives, like wearing all the things I won't get to wear when it's warm.  This is one of my favorite sweaters (it's cashmere, hard to go wrong with that).  Nutan got it for me for our 22 birthday (yes, 5 years ago) and I LOVE it.   
Sweater | J.Crew * Skirt | Banana Republic Super sale (it's how I get all my skirts)

My hair made me laugh today.  It was way big.  I was running late (I was working on some projects this morning) so I couldn't spend a lot of time on my hair (sensing a theme...) so after I dried it for a minute or so, I just grabbed a handful and pulled it back from my face, with intentions to pin it up at work.  Well, I took these photos at 5:30 and it was the exact same as at 8:48...oh well.


  1. I like how the last picture looks like you are reaching out of the photo and grabbing your blog. Ha!

  2. You might be on to something with baking soda in your hair. I feel like that's a thing on Pinterest. But then everything is a thing on Pinterest, huh?