Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIWW | February 27

pleated poppy

 I'm linking up with the The Pleated Poppy today.  It's not a secret, but I have a lot of fun getting dressed and being a girl.  This morning I couldn't remember the last time I wore pants to work as I was frantically searching for tights.  Carrying on, here's what I wore...and please pardon the poor iPhone photos.  I feel awkward asking for my picture to be taken, and I'm in pjs by the time my roommate gets home.


Dress | Entourage * Necklace | Entourage * Tights | Target * Flats | Clarks (really old)


Dress | Encore * Necklace | Birthday present * Cardigan | Gap (few seasons ago) * Boots | Clarks

You can't tell from the photo, but this dress is animal print.  I haven't had animal print in my wardrobe since I was a child (80s baby).  It is twirly and I love it.  This photo was taken the latest I stay up all week (Tuesday night because of school group).  What you're really missing is just how high my beak hair was, and the impressive bags under my eyes.


 Blouse | Banana Republic (college days) * Skirt | J.Crew outlet (one of my best sales ever!)

So, the hair.  It's Duggar-level long.  Tuesday was bad (hence the beak-head).  Today I tried some inspiration from Kate at The Small Things Blog about pinning just the top wasn't too bad.  I have a new staple till I get it cut, I think.

Post Script
Trying to get the hair picture was the biggest comedy of errors.  Keeping it real, I haven't cleaned my bathroom mirror in a couple weeks because I haven't been home in a couple weeks.  I was trying to keep out of the way of the smudges, but kept cutting my hair out of the picture.


  1. Haa I have the same problems with mirror pictures. I suppose I could clean a mirror? But no, that would never work. Much easier to keep working around the smudges!

    1. I had the thought too that I could just clean the mirror, but I definitely thought it was easier ot avoid the smudges.

  2. Love your cute skirts and dresses!